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An easy tool to use to wireframe your site is

Website Mockup Due on October 29th

Mock up a website with at least 4 pages Use whatever editor you are most comfortable using – WordPress / Wix / Squarespace / HTML/Dreamweaver / etc… Create a Headings / Graphic / Title For your site Create at least 4 working sub pages for your site with content for each page / images / …

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Website Mockups

example using Moqups

Form Example


You Tube Video

Example of Web Layout

Assignment for Sept 22

Hi Class – For Sept 22nd’s class you should mock up a grid design using Photoshop as we did in class. Below is an example of a layout grid – so you want to do something like this…. Include images and content where the “Story” part is, etc…        

Easy Way to Test Your Code – Mozilla Thimble

Hi Class!   Please try outMozilla Thimble┬áto test out your HTML code live in the browser: Mozilla Thimble      

Assignment 1 – Due Sept 8

Review Three News Sites and write your thoughts of their design layout and usability. Post your responses here. Answer these questions:   1. What is the site? 2. Who is it’s audience? 3. Do you think it’s design is effective at reaching this audience? Why / Why Not? 4. How would you change this site …

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