Assignment 1 – Due Sept 8

Review Three News Sites and write your thoughts of their design layout and usability. Post your responses here.

Answer these questions:


1. What is the site?

2. Who is it’s audience?

3. Do you think it’s design is effective at reaching this audience? Why / Why Not?

4. How would you change this site to better communicate to its audience?

Remember to post your work to the class blog!



  1. Top Three News Websites:

    1) AM New York (
    Along with being a free newspaper, AM New York’s website has a simple layout that balances headline with pictures in a tile format. The different sections are clearly visible and there are hardly any ads on the site.
    New Yorkers are the target audience for AM New York and both the newspaper and website present their content in an easy way for the busy commuters. Their audience consists of adults and young adults.

    2) The New York Post (
    The New York Post’s website reflects its huge print headlines and bright pictures. I love art and colors which draws me to sites that have more images. From my observations it seems that the NY Post focuses more on the entertainment or pop-culture news stories than political stories.
    It’s audience are New Yorkers, mostly adults who probably want to skim over articles and get straight to the point of what’s happening. The cons of the post is that the numerous image icon articles can be overwhelming and there are much more ads.

    3) NBC News (
    NBC News finds the hard- hitting local and international stories. The layout is clean cut a balance of an article picture ratio. The image icons are a decent size and on the right side there are four to five other headlines related to the article category. Each section is separated and not clustered together.
    This site has a wider audience since it has more news coverage overseas and in the United States. It’s audience would consist of young and older adults.

  2. Dear Prof. Cohen,

    Hello Professor, I was trying to write my html assignment in the wordpress blog for our class. It didn’t seem to come out clearly. So maybe we can speak about the assignment today in class. Thank you very much.


    Robert Gannello

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