Top 3 News Websites

1. CNN.COM: Its audience are mostly adults and young adults. This site is a democratic website. The design is very effective because the breaking news stories are always the first thing you see. If there was something to change on the site, the changes would be to increase the font of the text. It would probably be too small for older people to read.
2. Another website is The audience is exclusively for registered Republicans and people who support the Republican party. The design is really nice but there is too much information towards the bottom of the page. The way to correct it is to give less information on the main page and place the full text within the link of the news story.
3. NBCNEWYORK.COM: This website from NBC 4 is a good one. The audience is Democratic, but still most people trust their work and view their news stories. The design is very nice with nice color and top stories. They distribute news on weather, news, sports, and entertainment news. If there would be a change, the change would deal with the background.

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    According to New York Daily News’ media kit their audience consist of New York adults 18-54 with a strong readership coming from Black Americans and Hispanics. I think that Daily News website could improve its’ effectiveness to broaden it’s audience. On the site’s home page there are too many headlines with photos that are not symmetrically lined up which can make it difficult to stay focused and read the article at a time. I would cut down on the amount of headlines on the home page. I do like that they stick to one font. I do enjoy reading their headlines.

    According to TMZ’s media kit their audience are women 18-34 and youth 12-24. Even though the design for this site is all over the place, I think that the site is effective in reaching its audience. the site reminds me of a what a typical high-school and college dorm room looks like with posters tacked any and everywhere, with no cohesive flow other than the thought that these are the artist that they like so they put them up any and every where on their wall. I believe their design makes it appealing to their audience because a big majority of their audience are teens and young adults. TMZ has branded its site as the hub for all things entertainment and will include stories with links to other entertainment sties. I would change the fonts and make them all the same and make the headline different so that it stands out more

    CNN has a global audience. The site brands itself as the one place to view for breaking news, sports, entertainment and culture. I find that site’s design is effective in reaching its audience. The site is easy to navigate and the white background with the red homepage banner makes the news attractive to my eye. One of things I would do to improve the to better communicate with its audience it to Incorporated a comment section to the articles.

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