Assig. #1 – Top 3 News Websites is a national American newspaper in the United States. It targets a modern/young adult audience. Although it doesn’t have the age or time circulating the way other newspapers do, it is consider one of the top 3 in the USA. When entering on the website, you will notice right away how well-organized it is. It has a lot of visuals and news section covering different areas; the top stories are shown immediately after entering on the website. Besides from the font being a bit too small, which will be a problem for the older audience, I wouldn’t change much from this news website.

BBC, which stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, is consider to be one of the world’s largest broadcast news organization. It’s design for an international audience, any type of age group due to their versatile news selection. Their menu tab is right on top of their website, which is very good. However, overall in my opinion, there is a lack of organization; everything is all over the place, and it doesn’t have top stories, which as a news website should be a must.

New York Post is one of the oldest newspapers in our country. It is design with a tabloid format on hardcopy and online, which it’s clearly shown once you enter their website. Their font is big, which is good and contrast from the first two websites I chose. Their organization is not as good as, but is not bad either. It shows the top news, and also it has a special section for sports, entertainment, business etc. If I had to change anything from this website, it will be to make it a little more organized. This will make the audience feel more comfortable while searching news engine and entering on the website.

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