Assignment 1

1. What is the site?;;;;

2. Who is it’s audience?
The audience varies on each site. USAToday and gawker seem to focus on a wide audience. I consider the everyday to day American to use it. Someone who balances hardnews and softnews. On the other hand CNN and Huffingtonpost have more of a mature audience. There’s less softnews and more hardnews. In addition they have more opinion pieces. Theguardian is an international news website so that’s its audience. It as well has

3. Do you think it’s design is effective at reaching this audience? Why / Why Not?
I do enjoy all of these websites, especially USAToday. Its ascetically appealing and it has great functionality.  I love its focus on multimedia

4. How would you change this site to better communicate to its audience?
One thing I would change about USAToday’s website is its videoplayback. Since most of their stories have video linked to it. A lot of times its automatically starts playing which can get annoying especially if the current setting your in doesn’t permit a loud video playing.

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