HTML Code (Examples #1 & #2)

1st Example HTML Code – Simple:
<title>Example HTML Title</title>
<img src=”iphone6-1.jpg”width=”215″height=”220″>
<a href=””>This is a link to The IPhone 6</a> </body> </html>

2nd Example HTML Code – Tables:
<title>Example HTML PAGE WITH A TABLE</title> </head>
<body background=”black”>
<table border=”2″>
<img src=”iphone6-1.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″>
<td> <img src=”iphone6-2.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″> <BR><BR>
<td> <img src=”iphone6-3.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″> <BR><BR>
<a href=””>This is a link to The IPhone 6</a> </body> </html>


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  1. This looks like you just copy/pasted the example code and changed the links. You need to go further with this code than just change links.

    • Jhelsy Paula on September 15, 2014 at 2:28 am
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    I first wrote my HTML codes based on my notes taken in class and was not able to see the images and wasn’t being re-directed to the link. Then tried the re-writing my HTML codes based on the examples that you post, changing the images and their sizes, background, and borders to my like, and still doesn’t seem too be working, the only different was that I am now being re-directed to the link but still was unable to see the images. Hope you will be able to explain a bit more in class.

    Thank you.

  2. Professor,

    Here are my results.



    1. Please upload your results as a post, not a comment. thanks!

  3. photography

    This is a link to Lehman College

    !doctype html>
    i went to mozilla thimble and i put in the code you provided but it still gave me a hard to preview my work

  4. every time i leave comment with the HTML code you provided it does not show -_-

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