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Slice and dice

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bugs bunny

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PhotoShop Assignment

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I used Mozilla thimble to create a simple html page. It’s a shortcut, but I can see the images and text easily.

HTML Assignment



Lights Out

html 1


HTML Code (Examples #1 & #2)

1st Example HTML Code – Simple:
<title>Example HTML Title</title>
<img src=”iphone6-1.jpg”width=”215″height=”220″>
<a href=””>This is a link to The IPhone 6</a> </body> </html>

2nd Example HTML Code – Tables:
<title>Example HTML PAGE WITH A TABLE</title> </head>
<body background=”black”>
<table border=”2″>
<img src=”iphone6-1.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″>
<td> <img src=”iphone6-2.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″> <BR><BR>
<td> <img src=”iphone6-3.jpg”width=”210″height=”210″> <BR><BR>
<a href=””>This is a link to The IPhone 6</a> </body> </html>

Easy Way to Test Your Code – Mozilla Thimble

Hi Class!


Please try outMozilla Thimble to test out your HTML code live in the browser:

Mozilla Thimble




Top 3 Sites

1: Bleacher Report (

Audience: Sports enthusiast.

Bleacher Report the digital media company focusing on Sports and Recreation is has a layout that features hints of their brand colors (white, grey, orange). The site is clean easy to navigate and organized. The design is effective reaching its audience because it allows you to zero-in on your favorite sports team if you do not feel the need to read about general sports news. Breaking news hits the homepage daily and you will see that wants you open the site. The site is clean and easy to use for mobile and desktop so I wouldn’t change anything.

  1. Complex (

Audience: Anyone that enjoys fashion and pop culture.

Complex is a media brand that focuses on bringing everything from fashion to pop culture all into one site. The layout features extensive category breakdowns with a black and white theme. The design is effective on desktop, but for mobile I always felt the site was way to cluttered to find all the news articles.


  1. Business Insider (


Audience: Business news seekers

Business Insider is a go to media outlet for all news business. The layout is clean with white and blue accents. All cetegories are easy to navigate and news is updated periodically.

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