Top 3 News Websites

Top Three News Websites:

1)  AM New York  (
Along with being a free newspaper, AM New York’s website has a simple layout that balances headline with pictures in a tile format. The different sections are clearly visible and there are hardly any ads on the site.
New Yorkers are the target audience for AM New York and both the newspaper and website present their content in an easy way for the busy commuters. Their audience consists of adults and young adults.

2) The New York Post  (
The New York Post’s website reflects its huge print headlines and bright pictures. I love art and colors which draws me to sites that have more images. From my observations it seems that the NY Post focuses more on the entertainment or pop-culture news stories than political stories.
It’s audience are New Yorkers, mostly adults who probably want to skim over articles and get straight to the point of what’s happening. The cons of the post is that the numerous image icon articles can be overwhelming and there are much more ads.

3)  NBC News (
NBC News finds the hard- hitting local and international stories. The layout is clean cut a balance of an article picture ratio. The image icons are a decent size and on the right side there are four to five other headlines related to the article category. Each section is separated and not clustered together.
This site has a wider audience since it has more news coverage overseas and in the United States. It’s audience would consist of young and older adults.

Numero Uno

New York Times
2. New Yorkers
3. Yes, because it is straight forward and reflex and print newspaper.
4. I would not change any thing on this website
2.British people
3. Yes, because it is a simple layout that everyone can understand.
National Geographic
2. Environmentalist

Assignment 1

1. What is the site?;;;;

2. Who is it’s audience?
The audience varies on each site. USAToday and gawker seem to focus on a wide audience. I consider the everyday to day American to use it. Someone who balances hardnews and softnews. On the other hand CNN and Huffingtonpost have more of a mature audience. There’s less softnews and more hardnews. In addition they have more opinion pieces. Theguardian is an international news website so that’s its audience. It as well has

3. Do you think it’s design is effective at reaching this audience? Why / Why Not?
I do enjoy all of these websites, especially USAToday. Its ascetically appealing and it has great functionality.  I love its focus on multimedia

4. How would you change this site to better communicate to its audience?
One thing I would change about USAToday’s website is its videoplayback. Since most of their stories have video linked to it. A lot of times its automatically starts playing which can get annoying especially if the current setting your in doesn’t permit a loud video playing.

Assignment #1 Though I disagree with much of the content this network puts up especially as it pertains to issues such as the Palestine/Israel conflict, I am a fan of how the outline of page is designed. Anything that stands out is sure to catch peoples attention and the compilation of pictures and headlines definitely draws my attention and holds my interest.

Bleacher Every time you enter this site there is a stream of videos. That in and of itself is probably of great interest given that people tend to gravitate towards multimedia and things of that sort. Also I enjoy the way this site connects sports with real life issues which ultimately adds to the versatility of the site. The thing I like about this site is that from the start the homepage touches on every category ranging from news, to sports, to entertainment.

My top news websites

As someone who generally loves reading the news, I find that I cannot find simply enough sources. The term “News” is really blanket term for our culture. What is news to me may not be to the next person. Though in order to create content for the masses as a writer or, editor, photographer . . .You must immerse yourself in a variety of content, no story is too big or too small for your audience. I use a few sources, that I believe give me a grasp on what’s going on in the world.


The New York Times

This is exemplification of journalistic excellence in my world. The “Times” covers a array of news from all over the world and it does in tried and true fashion, with good stories, great writing, and excellent media to accompany it. When I want to know what the “real” story is, I go here. I believe it’s audience looks for great writing and inspirational stories. If I could fix the website I would make it a little less like a newspaper.


Not a traditional news website in any sense, they’re definitely “off the beat and path.” Though their stories are not always the biggest, they are still important. From YouTube links of erupting volcanoes, to leaked photos, and a compilation of odd stories around the country to keep me interested. Gawker also has a great entertainment blog that keeps me up to date with some current trends. This website caters to those looking for lighter or off beat stories. If I could fix their website I would fix some redundant buttons on it.


This is by far and large my favorite news outlet. Vice news correspondents cover some of our worlds’ most daunting issues in real time. Their coverage of the Islamic State for example was (at the time) a world exclusive, by actually riding with the militants during their daily patrols. Outside of international coverage, their domestic coverage of issues, like the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and covering international reporters covering news in the U.S. makes for very interesting stories. This website caters to a liberal audience. I would add a little color to their website I find it very “black and white.”


Whenever I read or hear a story I believe it is important to hear both sides to get an accurate understanding of what is going on. I like the BBC, because I like to get an “outside” story on events. Reading stories written by Americans does not give me all the angles, even domestically. Additionally, foreign media may cover stories that are not in any American media outlet. This is definitely a website for an international community. I wish they would make their font a little bit larger.

The Huffington Post

Although they have grown significantly since their origins their appeal stays the same.   I do not go here so much for most stories, but their opinion pieces are really interesting. Furthermore I enjoy their political coverage, as it tends to use more rational in my book than most publications, and I believe this website really caters to a political crowd. I would fix their media focused format, It’s not easy to read.

Assig. #1 – Top 3 News Websites is a national American newspaper in the United States. It targets a modern/young adult audience. Although it doesn’t have the age or time circulating the way other newspapers do, it is consider one of the top 3 in the USA. When entering on the website, you will notice right away how well-organized it is. It has a lot of visuals and news section covering different areas; the top stories are shown immediately after entering on the website. Besides from the font being a bit too small, which will be a problem for the older audience, I wouldn’t change much from this news website.

BBC, which stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, is consider to be one of the world’s largest broadcast news organization. It’s design for an international audience, any type of age group due to their versatile news selection. Their menu tab is right on top of their website, which is very good. However, overall in my opinion, there is a lack of organization; everything is all over the place, and it doesn’t have top stories, which as a news website should be a must.

New York Post is one of the oldest newspapers in our country. It is design with a tabloid format on hardcopy and online, which it’s clearly shown once you enter their website. Their font is big, which is good and contrast from the first two websites I chose. Their organization is not as good as, but is not bad either. It shows the top news, and also it has a special section for sports, entertainment, business etc. If I had to change anything from this website, it will be to make it a little more organized. This will make the audience feel more comfortable while searching news engine and entering on the website.

Top 3 News Websites

1. CNN.COM: Its audience are mostly adults and young adults. This site is a democratic website. The design is very effective because the breaking news stories are always the first thing you see. If there was something to change on the site, the changes would be to increase the font of the text. It would probably be too small for older people to read.
2. Another website is The audience is exclusively for registered Republicans and people who support the Republican party. The design is really nice but there is too much information towards the bottom of the page. The way to correct it is to give less information on the main page and place the full text within the link of the news story.
3. NBCNEWYORK.COM: This website from NBC 4 is a good one. The audience is Democratic, but still most people trust their work and view their news stories. The design is very nice with nice color and top stories. They distribute news on weather, news, sports, and entertainment news. If there would be a change, the change would deal with the background.

Assignment 1 – Due Sept 8

Review Three News Sites and write your thoughts of their design layout and usability. Post your responses here.

Answer these questions:


1. What is the site?

2. Who is it’s audience?

3. Do you think it’s design is effective at reaching this audience? Why / Why Not?

4. How would you change this site to better communicate to its audience?

Remember to post your work to the class blog!


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