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“The Journalism Blog,” is dedicated to those who are beginners in the Journalism track, or those who lack of experience in the field. My main audience will be those who are starting college, maybe those who might not be in college yet but already know want to be in this field.

 I have decided to write articles that will guide those who are just starting into this career to better themselves as professionals. I have a variety of tools that will help my viewers learn more about this field, such as articles written by me, videos, weekly news quizzes that will help them be updated on whats going on in the world and top news section.

Since is important for me not only for my audience to know about me, but also for me to know them, which will help me to serve them better on their needs and what they need help with, I also added a “Polls” Section were I get to know more about my viewers.

My Audience

My website is about the Waterbury Roller Hockey League in the Bronx. We as an sports league show great sportsmanship and competitiveness within our leagues. Our ages range from 7 to 68. We welcome anybody who wants to create new friendships and have great options in exercise and playing physical sport.  To the players who play in the league and to anyone who is willing to lace up the skates, Waterbury Hockey is a well established and everlasting and we demonstrate everything a great sports league should demonstrate.


Website Audience

The Best You Now will inform and give suggestions to its’ viewers about how to remain present, purposeful and passionate about their life by posting solution based articles in health, food, meditation practices, affirmations and exercise tips.

The main goal of The Best You Now is to share simple, quick life changing tools and techniques that will enhance and change their lives in a positive way.

The Best You Know is all about feeling good, looking good and doing good and it starts from the inside out.

Based on statistics from other health, fitness and wellness magazines and websites our demographics is:

Target Audience: Men and Women 25-54

Target Income: $60,000

Education/Employment: College Educated


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my audience

My potential audience for my site will be directed to artist, photographer’s videographers, models, and clients. I will basically introduce some well-known photographers from the Bronx with their work displayed on the page. Also will advertise equipment that’ll benefit the page for upcoming photographers and videographers. It will attract an experience and non-experience audience.


My target audience or demographic will be the hip-hop/urban culture.  The site itself boasts hip-hop/r&b music ranging from the late 80s up until now and to the foreseeable future.  Unique while it satisfies the hunger for new music, eases the crave for older listeners and “classic” music from artists like Big, Pac, Run DMC etc.

Website Audience

The potential audience for my website could be anyone who’s interested in what’s happening in New York City, specifically events, culture and food. This can range from the average New Yorker to the visiting tourist. My plan is to cover upcoming events and publish the feature on the site.

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