Website Idea

Websites and newspapers have a lot in common. Both compile information in order to get to an audience. But, who is that audience. To acquire a successful readership, you must create a product that relates to a group of people. The goal of my website/page is to get the attention of those who are interested in feature news stories.


Feature stories, like “Hard” news tell a story in journalistic manner. They place the reader in the story, not unlike a novel. The page will have numerous links to pages based on different categories. The categories will vary from technology and sports to food or exercise.


The content will attract a readership will be looking for stories that are “different.” I feel that with great writing and interesting content I would be able to reel in readers who appreciate stories that make them aware to a variety of topics.

template for moqups

Final Site Mockup Assignment

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Moqup: Basic Version

Here’s Outline 1.0


Very basic outline for site. Note that subdivisions and further detailed content will be brought in on monday, in addition to more specified “guest articles” as I hash that out with the guest authors themselves.

Under Contr….

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The Journalism Blog – Moqup

The Journalism Blog

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Still Under Construction

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